Lifestock & Meat – where Quality plays the main role

Do you need a high standard from your animals? Would you like healthy and active animals, which grow rapidly and thus are profitable for your yard?
Germanimals GmbH offers young bulls, slaughter animals, and of course pregnant milling Halal – meat from different parts of the world. We operate in Europe, South America and Australia and provide a comprehensive network, which can be used in your favor.

The right conditions for the breed

Of course, we’re looking for special conditions in our breeding, as the needs of each animal. To receive inferior and not sick animal but a breeding or livestock, which guarantees an increased yield.
Selecting the right animals is an important area of ​​our business. Our employees, who like to stand by your side, are quickly and professionally able to select the right animal out of the crowd. The selection of animals is carried out on the specific requirements of our customers. Tell us exactly what you want or what criteria an animal must pass for your farm.

We also can provide high quality meat

In addition to the pure sale of animals we also offer the final processed product. We pay attention to not only hygiene, but also on quality of the meat, in the face technology and in packaging. Again, you as a customer have to pass on the opportunity exact demands on us and so to determine the processing of the meat itself.
At Germanimals GmbH not only the animal are important to us, but also your wishes and requirements. We do exactly what we demand from our suppliers, customers and our farmers.
Through our openness and transparent way of working, you will receive a comprehensive security as a customer.
Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Over 10 years of experience and well-known partners, we look back on a successful history and want to continue to offer only the best.
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Only the best care and maintenance ensures a productive and high quality meat.
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Meat from the world
Whether fresh or aged slaughtered, the taste should always be an experience.
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